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        1. Welcome to Lianyungang Unite chemical Co., Ltd. website!






          Yidu will build pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates project

          In the new technology by the Hubei Rui strontium Technology Co., Ltd., Yichang Fu Fu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. invested 300 million yuan of fine chemicals project recently settled in Hubei Province Yidu City.

          It is understood that the fine chemicals project by the Hubei Rui strontium Technology Co., Ltd., Yichang Fu Fu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly invest in the construction of the project site town of three board Lake Village, in two phases of construction, an investment of 120 million yuan, 1,000 tons of pesticide intermediates READP and 500 tons of pesticide API YMHA project; second investment 180 million yuan, the expansion of an annual output of 2,000 tons of pesticide API YMHA and pharmaceutical intermediates project. After the completion of the project, can achieve the production of high-grade fine chemicals total annual production capacity of more than 5,000 tons, annual sales income of up to 1 billion yuan.

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